why we started…

Every business has a story.

In this instance, Doug Doyle and Fred Morgan worked together at California Pizza Kitchen for more than 15 years, then left corporate life to start their own venture. A road trip to California led Fred and Doug to visit existing early players in the fast-casual pizza space and thought there was an opportunity to improve the concept. On the road trip they brainstormed about what they had learned throughout their experiences, everything from dough, sauce, cheese, fresh herbs, meats, preparation and techniques that go into making a great pie.  They thought about being the first company to bring not only custom pizzas, but also custom salads to Arizona.  No one was doing custom salads!  Let the guests customize not only their pizza, but salad too, and charge them one reasonable price. They knew that with the right precision they could become real game-changers in the pizza industry.

Doug and Fred’s concept flourished opening 4 restaurants in the first 6 months.  The goal is to provide a fast-casual experience where you can invent your own pizza on a thin crispy crust, and create your own custom salad. Every store makes their dough and sauce daily using only the freshest ingredients and a secret family sauce recipe. Enjoy craft brews, wine and a truly one-of-a-kind old-fashioned pie using new-age oven technology to cook your pizza in 3-4 minutes.   Locally owned and operated, Fired Pie’s industrial modern-edge décor, hip staff and attention to detail continue to separate them from our competitors.

All Fred and Doug ask for in return is “You Inspire, We Fire.”

– Doug and Fred

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