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– having a strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement. We demonstrate our passion through our actions; getting to know and respect each other and welcoming our guests with smiles and genuine warmth beyond their expectations. We know that our desire to wow our guests is a part of our personality and we are passionate about proving it.


– possessing the quality of being honest and fair. We have each other’s back and we commit ourselves to be fair and honest. We know that our integrity is demonstrated every day and that it is a behavior that is the foundation of our personality. We can trust that we will all do the right thing, even when it is not the easiest path.


– ensuring outstanding results are achieved in the quality and presentation of our food and hospitality for all of our guests from the time they enter the building until the time they leave. Our passion and integrity will not allow us to marginalize our execution.


– being without equal. We are all unique. Our food is unique because our guests make it the way they want it. All of our team members are unique and they bring their diversity, experience, personality & style to Fired Pie. We work hard at being unique even when we know it is so much easier to not be. We are unique because we want to be and because we know our team members and our guests appreciate the effort.